Ganlot’s range of industrial gaming boards includes specific function which is specifically designed for gaming application such as casino slot games, EGM, Roulette, VLT and AWP. Our core value is to offer the widest and flexible selection of industrial grades products including different architecture (X86, RISC), platform, form factor (AIO, standard IPC) even special jurisdiction application such as player tracking system and Italian AAMS solution.

Ganlot also offers embedded software service with dedicated S/W design team, O/S support from Windows/Windows Embedded/Android/Linux and protocol such as SAS 6.02, ccTalk and peripheral protocols. Field-proven APIs for a wide range of gaming functions that help customers implement their applications easily to save time to market. Security solution software to meet various requirements such as “Non-Volatile RAM”, “Triple Data Redundancy”, “Secured RTC”, “Watchdog Timer” and “Over Temperature Warning” that you can focus solely on your “Game”.

With more than 10 years gaming market experience, we have many successful stories with customized project in worldwide. Ganlot provides completely service from design, simulation system, professional lab with testing facilities as EMI, EMD, EMS, HALT, Chamber…etc, in house production line to shipment and after service for all of our customers to speed up the process to market.

Over these years, we’ve continuously acquired gaming experiences that creates substantial added-value to our customers by adding flexibility, capability, creativity, and total solution possibilities. Furthermore, our customers are the key component that drives our core value to creative effective collaboration to achieve highest grade products and services in the gaming market.

Ganlot is your best partner in gaming and lottery market. Contact us for more information!