Ganlot Announces NXP i.MX8M Mini Player Tracking System with 5” & 6.2” Touch Panel to Extend Advanced User Experience

PTS-3750 Is Ganlot’s New Generation of Player Tracking Systems

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – January, 2021 – Ganlot, Inc., a hardware provider dedicated to the Gaming industry for more than 15 years. Ganlot provides a wide-range product line from Logic boards/units, Player Tracking System, Displays, Gaming Mixer, or even Kiosk for Sports betting and the casino floor. “Based on its extensive experience and industry know-how, Ganlot debuts the new PTS-3750 not only to fulfill customers’ demands, but also meet the market trends,” says Ganlot’s CTO, Ryan Yang. “PTS-3750 is a new generation of Player tracking systems with faster speed, better resolution, and cost-effective price.”

According to Yang, the new PTS-3750 includes the option of two screen sizes, 5” and 6.2”. 5’’ with 800 x 480 capacitive touch display and 6.2″ with a 640 x 240 resistive touch display. The powerful but cost-effective PTS-3750 is based on i.MX8 processor. Its compact design means it can be fitted in different EGM bezel areas easily without mechanical changes. “We have made several enhancements from the last generation,” says Yang, “such as onboard 2GB DDR4, 16GB eMMC, and an extra Micro SD socket. On the security side, PTS-3750 has a Unique ID, Door Sensor Detection, 2 Battery Backup for PIC, Core (RTC), and Battery low detect as gaming features. Aside from the hardware, Ganlot also provides the complete BSP package for PTS to help minimize the development effort and optimize time to market. However, if PTS-3750 doesn’t completely fit your requirements 100 percent,” he adds, “we can use those requirements to modify or even customize a new product to meet your demands.”

For more information about PTS-3750 or other Gaming solutions, please visit our website or mail to, we will get back to you in the shortest time.

If you seek other PTS screen sizes, we also have GSD-57HCA. This is a 5.7-inch display for a wide range of applications including ETG, real-time live dealer table game, or it can work with a small PC as a player tracking system in Slots. GSD-57HCA provides 720 x 1280 resolution with P-CAP multi-touch glass in 30.95mm height. With a built-in HDMI audio decoder and amplifier, it not only provides better video images, but also has amazing performance in audio. Moreover, as touch button decks become increasingly popular in slot machines, Ganlot also provides suitable solutions for this application, such as GSD-101HCA, a new 10.1” touch panel option.

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